IFC Markets offers NetTradeX: Professional Trading Platform

IFC Markets offers you to evaluate the advantages of the NetTradeX professional platform of own development, as well as to compare it with the popular platform MetaTrader 4.
NetTradeX is an elaborate trading platform for CFD trading and trading in the Forex market. Since its inception in 2006, 1,000 merchants from around the world have begun trading on the platform. This is famous for its reliability, exceptional functionality, easy-to-use interface, professional tools for technical analysis and the most important feature – the opportunity to create Personal Composite Instruments (PCI), which is available only on NetTradeX. The terminal supports automatic trading allowing customers to create experts, indicators and utilities. The platform supports PC, iOS, Android and Windows operating systems, so merchants that give preference to mobile commerce can also trade in this professional trading terminal.
Traders do not have to open multiple accounts in NetTradeX, since it is sufficient to have an account to gain access to both markets – Forex and CFD. NetTradeX’s Forex and CFD trading software supports both markets and outstanding orders, OCO orders and Trailing Stop mode that runs on the server, so all trading strategies can be executed in this trading software. The flexible design and professional functionality of this platform create the most convenient environment for CFD and Forex trading.
Professional traders can create their own instruments using PCI technology, perform an in-depth analysis of different instruments, find correlation between them, and trade instruments created by themselves. Because of this unique technology they can obtain new cross rates, currency indices, stock portfolios, portfolios for pair trading, etc. All this is available through a single NetTradeX account.
NetTradeX – is a new generation trading and analysis platform, a product developed by the company NetTradeX, which gives the trader ample possibilities to operate with various instruments.


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